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Recently, I have started writing Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) as a part of my learning process. I am working towards improving my PRD writing skills and aspire to become proficient in it one day. I have prepared a concise PRD, which I would like to share with those who are interested. It is a brief document, so it won’t take much time to go through it. I welcome any feedback or suggestions in the comments section. Thank you!

PRD Title: PRD for “Spin a wheel” feature on Uber

Author: Simrandeep Kaur

Team members: Simrandeep Kaur and all her senses


Product managers

Engineering team

Team lead

Designer (UX/UI)



One Pager:


The current challenge for Uber is to minimize customer wait times and reduce the high rate of ride cancellations, ensuring a more efficient and satisfactory ride-hailing experience for all users through gamification. (Add data to make it cohesive)

Why should this issue be addressed?

  • 65% of Uber users are millennials or Gen Z.
  • 70% of millennials and Gen Z are more likely to use a product or service if it offers gamification.
  • 80% of millennials and Gen Z say that gamification makes them feel more engaged with a product or service
  • Gamification can lead to a 20% increase in customer loyalty.


  • To reduce the waiting time for the cab by x%
  • To make the waiting time enjoyable


  • The hassle of conversing with the companies
  • Loads of partnerships and collaborations
  • Issuing discounts and coupons
  • A certain amount of revenue a go into these activities


Persona 1:

Name — Sita

Age — 22 years

Occupation — High School

Location — Delhi, India

Background & Pain Points:

  • Sita, a cost-conscious 22-year-old, prefers Uber for its affordability and availability.
  • She is frustrated by frequent ride cancellations, resulting in longer waiting times.
  • Sita’s primary reason for choosing Uber over its competitors is the significantly lower cost per ride.


  • Sita’s goal is to reduce waiting time and receive incentives for her loyalty as an Uber customer.
  • As a loyal customer, Sita suggests receiving one free ride per month as a rewarding incentive.
  • This incentive would not only reduce her overall transportation expenses but also further motivate her loyalty to the Uber brand.

Persona 2:

Name: Ankit

Age: 27 years

Occupation: Engineer

Location: Mumbai, India

Background & Pain Points:

  • Ankit, a millennial Uber user, is disappointed by the lack of coupons or discounts, leading to dissatisfaction.
  • He also experiences long waiting times, resulting in increased boredom.
  • Ankit expects punctuality from Uber drivers, as they often take longer than the estimated time to arrive at the destination.


  • To improve the waiting experience, Uber should introduce fun and beneficial games for customers during their wait.
  • Providing games would alleviate boredom and make the waiting time more enjoyable for Ankit and other customers.
  • By addressing punctuality issues and offering engaging games, Uber can enhance customer satisfaction and create a positive waiting experience.


Functional & Unfunctional requirements:

  • As an Uber user, as soon as my ride is confirmed and the driver has accepted the request, “Spin a wheel” will pop up on the screen.
  • As an Uber user, I can access the feature once my ride is confirmed
  • As an Uber user, I can only use this feature just before the ride (during the waiting time)
  • As an Uber user, I can click on the “Spin” button and the wheel will start rotating.
  • As an Uber user, I’ll get a pop notification of the option where the wheel has stopped.
  • As an Uber user, I’ll get a claim option
  • As an uber user, I’ll have the option of claiming the coupons in a month’s time
  • As an Uber user, as soon as my Uber ride starts (which also means that the moment I give my OTP to the driver) I’ll not be able to access the feature.
  • For availing the coupons, I have to meet certain expectations, by clicking on the coupon I’ll be able to see those criteria .

Success Metrics:

  • Increase in user engagement
  • Increase in user retention
  • Increase in the number of downloads
  • CSAT score will be high
  • Increase in the number of rides
  • Increase the amount of revenue

GTM Strategy:

  • Market research
  • Building the feature
  • Beta testing
  • Final testing
  • Feedback
  • Iteration

Marketing Strategy:

  • Creating awareness through Youtube, collaborating with content creators and asking them to create a buzz around this new feature
  • Playing short videos on Instagram where a heart pops up when a person double taps on a picture/video.
  • In case, they want to spend money on television marketing, we can do that, creating interesting, quirky ads and running them on television.


Lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes and wireframes/ paper wireframes — make sure that you are better able to make the design team understand the look of your feature or any of your offerings.

Questions that can be asked by the team are:

  • Number of person-months required to build the feature
  • What is the major content that you are required to have from the content team to build the feature?

How is this feature helpful?

Through gamification, people will be able to reduce boredom, and waiting hours will not be a hassle for them, as the duration of this feature is after the cab has been booked, and it will disappear once you share the opt


  • Divide the circle into eight equal parts.
  • 2–3 parts will have no coupons or offers (better luck next time).
  • Collaborate and partner with companies such as Zomato, Swiggy, Netflix, and at least 10 other options.
  • Collaborating companies will provide discounts, coupons, or offers.
  • Prepare criteria for each company’s coupon or offer with the help of the content team.
  • Ensure all criteria are verified and approved by the respective companies before release.
  • Coupons can be redeemed once the individual fulfils the specified criteria.
  • For example, a 10% discount will be given on orders above 500 for a particular company.
  • Netflix collaboration may involve providing subscription leverage.
  • Maintain flexibility to choose the companies based on their agreement to collaborate.



The PM Playbook

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