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Reflecting on my recent product management interview, I’ve compiled some valuable takeaways to share with you all:

Basic questions:

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Explain the internships you have done in the past.

3. Follow-up questions on the internship experiences: For example if you say that you made wireframes for a particular website. They will ask you to rate yourself on different parameters like design thinking, Figma and others.

Now, coming to the domain-specific questions:

  1. Why product management?
  2. 2. What is your understanding of the company (Mention the work that they do, USPs, competitors etc)
  3. 3. Have you gone through the app and the website? (Do not forget to through the website and app of the company thoroughly)
  4. 4. Follow-up questions on the skills that you will mention during the interview — For example — As you mentioned that you are good at UX/UI design, can you tell us some areas of improvement on our website?
  5. 5. What’s your favourite app and why? (Note: If it’s a B2C firm, try to take a product from that domain, if it’s a B2B, choose a product from that domain and talk about it.) 6. What is the major distinction that one has to keep in mind while building a B2B and B2C product?

Here are my tips to crack such interview questions:

1. As you have read about the company and know that it is a B2B firm. Pick a B2B product when asked about your favourite product and justify the reason for picking up such products.
2. I chose Zomato as my favourite product (Also, pick up the product that you use daily and you know the product in and out). The follow-up question was: Why do you like Zomato?
3. I explained the reasons. The next question was: What do you like to improve in Zomato?
4. The recruiter was impressed with my responses. However, the feedback I received was the same we are a B2B firm and you chose the B2C product. When you know the domain of the company, choose similar products (which is B2B in this case) because when you start speaking about the product. The recruiter will be able to access your understanding in the B2B setting.

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